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About Thoughtworks

Founded over 25 years ago, we’ve grown from a small team in Chicago to a leading global software consultancy of more than 6000 employees. With our roots in custom systems and agile software delivery, we’re at the forefront of defining the tech principles used by some of the world’s most successful organizations. We have invested in organic growth, – 

Grads/Career changers

Technology isn’t one-size-fits-all and neither is the talent that builds it. We embrace technologists from all walks of life by looking at potential over pedigree. To us, a computer science graduate brings just as much value to a team as a self-taught developer. All entry-level consultants begin their career here the same way: five weeks in our immersive (and fully remote) Thoughtworks University program plus an entire year of support, guidance and resources. Launch your tech journey


Removing barriers to tech careers We have long known that tech talent exists outside the traditional confines of a specific university or background. By expanding our view of who we consider a technologist, we open up opportunities for diverse talent to join us and, together, build better solutions for our clients. Our thoughtful interview process was designed with the belief that candidates are more than their skills. We assess talent by assessing not only their technical abilities, but their willingness to grow and consider the implications of technology from perspectives other than their own. Explore our approach to interviewing Your journey, your way At Thoughtworks, we balance autonomy with the strength of our cultivation culture. What does this mean for your career growth? It means you can follow your curiosity wherever it takes you while leveraging the power of feedback, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Global and regional programs are in place to ensure career growth is truly equitable for all. And there are no lone heroes here: together, we see the value in helping each other do (and be) our best and that extends to how we help our employees grow.

Consultant Life

Consultants build what’s needed. Thoughtworks consultants build what’s anticipated. Clients come to us with their toughest challenges because they know our autonomous teams deliver extraordinary impact. Our technologists are empowered to question, influence and push for better outcomes. Because feedback is truly valued (and encouraged), consultants deliver disruptive technology for organizations that aim to become modern digital businesses. Find out how May Xu, a consultant at Thoughtworks Australia builds trust and lasting partnerships with clients.

Remote Working

At Thoughtworks, we have been working remotely and on distributed teams for over two decades. Our roots in agile delivery have prepared us to transition in difficult circumstances more smoothly while keeping employee health and safety top of mind. We know that when we look after our people, we strengthen our community which enables us to be a better partner for our clients. Our Thoughtworkers and leaders have also shared their experiences working remotely, building community on distributed teams, or adapting to life during COVID-19. Visit our Remote Work page to read more from Thoughtworkers.

Our Work

Social Change Tech for the benefit of all Striving for positive social change is at the heart of our purpose, culture and work. As technologists, we have a unique role to play in ensuring technology benefits all of society, toward a more equitable future. Our vision for social change inspires and motivates us to take collective action. We amplify, through our skill set, the work of our partners at the forefront of social movements. Learn more about our efforts Sustainability Working together to create a sustainable future Like technology, climate change continues to exponentially impact our world. Our aim is to reverse its effects by incorporating sustainability into the technology we build. We all have a part to play in this shift: businesses, governments and individuals must rethink the way they work and behave. Our step towards minimizing our carbon footprint starts with our Green Cloud offering and we’re eager to make a positive impact on emissions reduction in the years to come. Discover our work in this space Responsible Tech Bringing ethics to the tech conversation We are responsible for the technology we build, which extends to the consequences—both positive and negative—that technology has. While technology’s impact and reach is vast, we ultimately shape it. Responsible tech is our way of working that aligns business with society’s needs. We see it as an ethos we can all adopt, inside and outside of the tech community. How can you build responsible tech? Data & AI Placing data at the heart of our clients’ advantage The goal of becoming a data-guided organization isn’t achievable without having strong cultural and technical foundations. We uniquely blend strategy, technology excellence and cultural transformation to fulfill the promise of Data and AI. At Thoughtworks, together with our Data Engineers and Data Scientists we bring the power of Data and AI to help our clients shift to delivering outsized value through data ecosystems. And with our acquisition of Finnish data consultancy, Fourkind, we’re looking forward to what we can build in the years to come. Check out our work in the Data & AI space