2021 Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Report

Indeed’s mission is
to help people get jobs. To achieve this, we put jobseekers and companies who use Indeed at the heart of everything we do.

Global Gender
Global Gender Overall Chart. Women 42.2%, Men 57.6%, Non-Binary 0.02%
Global Gender Tech. Women 26.3%, Men 73.7%, Non-Binary 0.03%
Global Gender Non-Tech Chart. Women 47.5%, Men 52.2%, Non-Binary 0.01%
Global Gender Leadership Chart. Women 33.8%, Men 66.2%

In 2019, we declared the kind of culture we want to have and the values that are important to us. These values are: put jobseekers first, pay for performance, innovation, data-driven, and inclusion & belonging - which translates to creating an environment where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work and make it easy for others to do the same.

We are committed to advancing, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging because it makes us a stronger, more successful company, and because it directly aligns with our mission to help all people get jobs.

We have an amazing team of 10,000 employees in 16+ countries who are working hard to bring our culture to life and to live and breathe our values every day. Our strategic pillars will allow us to focus and measure on those things that will ultimately move the needle for Indeed, our customers and our jobseekers:

Remove bias and barriers (diversity):

Our workforce should reflect the diversity of the communities where we operate, so we’re focusing on ensuring an unbiased recruiting process, a commitment to equal pay and promotional opportunities and removing barriers to entry by hiring people with non-traditional backgrounds and skill sets.

Build inclusive teams and products (inclusion):

Continue to create an environment of respect, collaboration and psychological safety - where the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives make innovation possible. By focusing on inclusive features and accessibility in our products, we can help all people get jobs.

Cultivate a sense of belonging (belonging):

Indeedians are all part of a community. Whether that’s through our Inclusion Resource groups (IRGs), the team they are on, the office in which they sit, or rallying towards the same company mission. We are focused on creating a space where everyone can thrive.

Global Generations
Overall: Z 3.0% | Millennial 81.0% | X 15.1% | Baby Boomer 0.9%
Tech: Z 3.7% | Millennial 75.5% | X 19.1% | Baby Boomer 1.5%
Non-Tech: Z 2.7% | Millennial 83.3% | X 13.3% | Baby Boomer 0.7%
Leadership: Z 0% | Millennial 17.7% | X 75.8% | Baby Boomer 6.5%
Global Generations
Generation Z (1997 and onwards)
Millennial (1981 – 1996)
Generation X (1965 - 1980)
Baby Boomer (1946 - 1964)
US Race & Ethnicity
Global Pay Study

Indeed has committed to conducting a pay study – an analysis of our compensation practices to calculate expected pay ranges given certain identified criteria – annually as a good governance practice. Our pay study is conducted by a third party to ensure fairness. For 2019, a small group of employees (1.34%) received a pay increase due to potential pay discrepancies identified via the study criteria.

Data as of November 10 2021.